Children's Hospital Colorado

Fetal Cardiology: Advanced Care for Congenital Heart Defects and Anomalies

Our fetal cardiologists stand as integral members of Children's Hospital Colorado's Heart Institute and the Colorado Fetal Care Center team, and they specialize in congenital heart diseases - heart conditions present at or before birth. Trained in both pediatric and fetal cardiology they have years of experience in the diagnosis, management and treatment of cardiac anomalies in utero. Even before conception, our fetal cardiologists provide counseling on the risks of fetal cardiac abnormalities and ways to mitigate these risks.

Once the mother is pregnant, our fetal cardiologist team partners with the maternal, perinatal and neonatal experts found at Children’s Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado Hospital to develop a compassionate and comprehensive care plan for the remainder of the pregnancy.

TOP Care for Congenital Heart Disease of the Fetus & Neonate
#1 Telemedicine Pioneers In Fetal Cardiology
FETAL Arrhythmia Center of Excellence

Our physicians and fetal specialists use state-of-the-art technology to detect heart defects as early as 14 weeks' gestation.

From late in the first trimester until a baby goes home, the fetal cardiology unit provides multidisciplinary collaboration between fetal cardiology caregivers and the maternal, perinatal and neonatal experts found at Children's Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado Hospital. The cardiologists work closely with the fetal surgery team and the maternal fetal medicine team to care for fetuses not only with cardiac defects, but also with other congenital abnormalties that may affect the cardiovascular system.

Our commitment to excellence in the field of fetal cardiology extends beyond outstanding clinical care: we are a national leader in research and educational programs for fetal heart disease.